WHAT’S GOOD: A Woman From Ellis County Makes Auctioneering History

Angie Meier, an auctioneer in Ellis County can now brag that she’s one of the fastest-talking woman in Texas. She is the first female to win the Texas Lone Star Open Auctioneer Championship. This championship won last month in Fort Worth came with a $10,000 prize.  Meier spent seven years as a ring person, someone who works the floor, spots the bid, and alerts the auctioneer. She realized she could do the selling, too, and went to auction school to learn. “It was intimidating because I knew I had the ability if just given the chance. That was the hardest…getting the chance,” Meier said now, she wants others to find their voice, too, and now is part owner of a school called World Wide College of Auctioneering to teach the business to others.

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