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Introducing #ByLiamDuarte shop the t-shirt 12.6 at 12PM on Salood.org

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Liam is a 9-year-old boy battling luekemia. We had the opportunity to meet him through a company called Salood. Salood is an incorporated nonprofit organization working in cooperation with hospitals and companies, Salood creatively provides financial assistance to pedatric patients suffering from childhood cancer. While Liam has been battling with cancer he discovered his artistic ability. Salood partnered with Liam to create these T-shirts above of his drawings. Shown on the T-shirts are Liam’s favorite foods. ¬†Although these are his favorite foods, he has not been able to eat them. This explains the smiley faces on the foods- Liam said they are happy they won’t be eaten!

These shirts will be available starting Decemebr 6th, at 12pm. All will proceeds go to Liam and his family.

To learn more about Salood or to get involved read more: HERE