If you ever have a chance to go to ACL fest go!!!

Photo Credit: Lindsayyonair


I went to ACL fest yesterday and it was my first time going and my first time in Austin!!!  I was NOT expecting it to be as awesome as it was and I highy recomend you going next year if you can.  I was most impressed with Lizzo, she had an hour show full of energy and excitment and I didn’t stop dancing until it was over!  Thats why my calf muscles hurt today #oldpeopleproblems.  I wasn’t ready for all of the eclectic outfits, they took me by surprise but I also had an epiphany though, everybody was there to have a good time and enjoy the artists so who cares what people wear!  Sometimes life lessons happen at music festivals what can I say! I also was impressed with the amount of babies and children that were there with their parents, so contrary to belief it really can be a family affair  if you want to be! Lots of IG worthy picture taking as well, which I didn’t capture myself because I was too busy enjoying the outdoors and concert but trust me just follow the hashtag #ACLfest and you will believe me! So when it’s time next year I highly recommend that you go!!! Till then try something new, you may LOVE it!