Single Ladies this is the spot in Dallas!


Photo Credit: Lindsayyonair

For all of my girls that are on #TeamSingle I know how hard it is out here in these streets trying to find a decent guy that won’t ghost you, but the question is where do you meet people these days outside of dating apps?  I asked this question the other day on the air and suprisingly enough a couple of people stated work, but GIRL I dont know about you but I KNOW for me that will NOT work at all.  But whatever works for you, you do you boo.  I really started thinking about this though, where do you go in the metroplex to meet someone if your single.  You could say potentially bars, but there is stigma with that but I do know that not everyone that goes to bars is bad.  I went to go workout today and run the Katy Trail that runs through most of downtown and I think I came up with the solution! “THE KATY TRAIL” is where it’s at ladies, I’ve never seen so many hot guys walking or running around, plus it’s a win win, there’s guys, they are working out, walking their dogs and there are bars along the trail!!! Sounds like a perfect recipe for Love to me if I know one, you just can’t be shy, bump into them, pet their dog, find a reason to talk to them! Guys this works for you too because their are plenty of single women out there on that trail!  I feel like the “Dallas Matchmaker” now lol! If it works out let me know so I can take some credit! Good Luck