Get back at the Packers!

Photo Credits: GETTY IMAGES 


Man Sunday was rough wasn’t it? Thats why I waited to even talk about the Cowboys till today, but still WIN LOSE or TIE Cowboys fan till I die!!! With that being said I’m giving you a shot to take revenge at the Packers… well their fans at least!!!  At 9:20 we play are you smarter than a Packers fan, I already know you are, plus the above pic is a clue for the question I ask the packers Fan, you just have to tell me if the packers fan is right or your right, do you want to answer or let them answer?!!! An wIn a pair of logic tix when you out smart them!!!!  Not only will you win a pair of tix  you will also be qualified to get upgraded to the Vip box Thanks to the Texas lottery and Live Nation! Good Luck!!!