Jerry Jones gives Ezekiel Elliott a ‘Zeke Who?’ shirt at contract extension press conference


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Jerry Jones hosted a conference to speak on the contract extension with Ezekiel Elliot. During the conference, Jones surprised Elliott with a shirt that had “Zeke Who?” printed on the front and “That’s Who!” on the back. It was a funny time for both of them at the conference. Prior to the conference at the star, Jones had made a joke when being interviewed about Elliot. When asked a question, Jones answered “Zeke who?” immediately after this joke, Jones wanted to make sure Elliot knew he was just joking around. In the conference, Jones stated “The facts are that this is a milestone contract, but more importantly, it’s with a milestone person and player for the organization of the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said. “This is an important contract for us. It goes without saying that he’s a cornerstone player for the Cowboys.”  On Wednesday Elliot signed the $90 million contract.