Apple Allowing You To Get Your Phone Repaired At Independent Shops

Photo: Sid / Hondo

I’ve only had an iPhone once, and it was wayyyy back in the 4S days.  That experience was all it took to realize that they’re not for me.  I have no issue with the phone, I just have a hard time backing a product that constantly makes you upgrade their products and nickel and dimes you for accessories the entire time.  ANYWAY….one of the other reasons I didn’t like iPhone was that you had to take it to authorized dealers to get anything done.  If you didn’t, you voided the warranty.  Another sneaky tactic.

Well, Apple is now going to allow customers to go to an independent shop to officially service their phones.  But…as always…there’s a catch.

Your phone needs to be out-of-warranty.

Apple will now allow those independent shops the ability to carry the same genuine parts, tools and manuals that authorized shops have, making it a much better place to take your phone.

While it’s not really what everyone wanted, at least Apple is moving a little bit in the consumers direction.

It’s still not enough for me, but whatever.  I’m better off without the iPHone in my life.