People around the country rally to send postcards to students in El Paso to show them ‘there is plenty of good in our world’

Following the horrific shooting in our own backyard of El Paso, Texas, the need for a message of love, positivity, and hope has never been greater for both the children growing up in this world as well as everyone.  Yet not all hope is lost, as two El Paso teachers have taken it upon themselves to help spread their message of hope to the classroom and beyond.  Teresa Garrett and Elvira Flores from Tom Lea Elementary School and Hillside Elementary respectively, each asked that people from their local community send in postcards to remind the children that plenty of good remains in this world.  Their kindness spread word and soon this act of sending in postcards became known nationwide.  “It has been a very humbling experience to receive such an outpouring of love and kindness from everyone,” Garrett said to Good Morning America.  For the full story, be sure to click HERE.