Michael Jackson “Faked Sex” With Lisa Marie

Photo: Getty Images

How does that headline not get your attention?

When MJ married Lisa Marie I’m not sure there was anyone that legitimately thought they were REALLY married.  Now, we’re hearing a little more about their personal life.

Two former Michael Jackson staffers are alleging that Michael “faked” sex with Lisa Marie.

This is all from a new book that drops later this year, written by Michael’s former maid, Adrian McManus.

Check this out, “When they were dating I walked into his bedroom and his comforter smelled of women’s fragrance, this was not normal.  When I began cleaning I saw a white sexy lacy little bra abandoned under the bed, there were two broken glasses next to it.  I had to clean them up and felt it was Michael playing games with me.  It all seemed so set up because that had never happened before.  Sure there were his underpants, shirts, and trousers discarded, but nothing belonging to women ever were there.”

A different staffer, Sandy Domz claimed that she saw underwear sprayed with Presley’s perfume thrown on the floor too.

I’m not sure this all adds up to Michael “faking” sex with his wife / girlfriend, but it’s weird, for sure.

PLUS, you gotta remember, this is all in a book.   What better way to sell your book than to make a wild claim and make people buy the book to find out the details.  Hopefully I just saved you $24.99.  Maybe?