Julianna Hough Isn’t “Straight?”

Photo: Getty Images

Hey, Sid here….You probably remember Julianna Hough as either one of the following:  A dancer on Dancing with the Stars, Ryan Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend, OR a judge on America’s Got Talent.  One of those things you associate her with would mean that she’s straight, or maybe that she’s married to a man (hint, it has to do with Ryan Seacrest).   But she’s not.

Julianne did an interview for “Women’s Health” where she said, “‘I (told my husband), you know I’m not straight, right?’  And he was like, ‘I’m sorry what?’  I was like, ‘I’m not, But I choose to be with you.'”

I’m not really one to put labels on people, but am I wrong with my though process here….if you’re married to a man (and you’d assume the marriage is forever) that would mean you’re straight.  Right?   No?  I’m confused.

Julianne went on to say that her relationship with her husband (with whom she’s been married since 2017) has only gotten better, “I think there’s a safety with my husband now that I’m unpacking all of this.”

You know what…I’m going with….Whatever makes you happy girl!