Shawn / Camila Spotted Holding Hands

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I’m gonna admit it, I’m a fan of Shawn Mendes.  That shouldn’t be a big deal, yet I feel like it is.  LOL

Anyway…when I met Shawn after his show here last week and I asked him about his “relationship” with Camila he gave me one of those looks as if to say, “please don’t make me go there.”  You know what?  I didn’t.  I moved on and chatted a bit.  He’s a solid guy…and he’s SO DATING Camila.  Everyone knows it.

Shawn’s been caught kissing Camila in a coffee shop and this weekend while in Tampa for his show, he was filmed holding Camila’s hand (see below).  Is it possible they’re just friends?   Absolutely.  But that’s not what’s happening here.

One of Shawn’s STAN’S put a bunch of videos on her IG page and since I’m good at stalking people (I only use my powers for good) I was able to grab a bunch of videos that detail his relationship with Camila.

Take a look at the videos:


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hi! so a lot of people asked me what happend yesterday so i’m gonna day it on here. we went to the hotel bc maybe he’d take pics. we saw tour busses, and we also saw Cez, we asked him for a picture and he said he couldn’t do pictures. then shawn and camila apparently leave in a black SUV, and one of our friends finds out he was at this resteraunt goes to. So we go there. in no way are we trying to invade their privacy bc we didint wanna do that. We get there and see them and i’m like ITS HIM IM SEEING HIM AGAIN AT A RESTERAUNT! So i see shawn behind the door of the area they were eating in and we all get in a line. shawn says hi to us and walks to the tea bar with camila, (that’s in the 4th video. So then we see Shawn and Camila sit down at the tea bar and we are like freaking out but quietly and odv not going up to them. Then we just see them laughing and smiling at each other and stuff while shawn and camila are drinking their tea 😂 ! Then like girls start showing up and we’re like “oh nooo” people started-going up to them, and they were fine about it they were like smiling and stuff. so then one of the girls that we met goes up to him. They were extremely nice and said we should to it. Then one of my friends goes up to him with her mom and talks to them and they were really nice and fine. so then i was like “you know what, im doing it” there was some people infront of me going up to him. then it was my turn shawn and camila are sitting down facing me. I say “hi i love you guys so much like you mean the world to me.” and Camila says “omg hi cutie how old are you?” i say “12 almost 13.” (btw at this point i was like crying) then i go “I totally understand you guys aren’t taking pictures like i totally respect that.” in the middle of me saying that SHAWN GRABS MY HAND AND ITS THE HAND THAT HE HAS HIS BRACELET RINGS AND THE SWALLOW TATTOO. HE TOUCHES THE BRACELETS I MADE AND HE SEES THEY SAY “MENDES” “MERCY” “HONEY” “YOUTH” and like some of those. this is where i start like full out crying in front of them.THEN SHAWN HIS HANDS OUT TO HUG ME AND LET ME TELL YOU HE SMELLS AMAZING! Then I HUG THE CAMILA! READ REST IT COMMENTS ITS GOOD

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{READ PLEASE ABOUT SHAWN) oh my god. today has been crazy. i’m gonna say the story on here. basically we were at the airport in the morning, he wasn’t there, but we met tom the sound person. then we go downtown and to the hotel a couple of the girls are staying at. we see 3 tour busses. we freak out. we walk outside and see it was shawns crew and we have videos and stuff. we see people posting on twitter shawn and camila at a resteraunt and it looked familiar. One of the girls we were with said her friend was there right next to them (not naming the place) we freak out and go to the resteraunt. we see them sitting and there was loud music and dancing. i’m about to cry bc i’m seeing shawn and camila cabello right infront of me like OMG SHAWNS REAL. they look at us while we are dancing camila smiles at us and same as shawn. there was this conga line, and we pass them. i say “i love u camila !! “ SHE WINKS AT ME IM LIKE OMG. we hold hearts up at shawn, and he smiles. so we wait at the exit of the resteraunt to see if he could take pictures. girls started showing up. so basically he’s about to leave (my mom has lots of pics) i screen record him getting into the car with camila and i say “i love you shawn!!” she looks at me and fucking smiles. After he leaves we were like “WHAT JUST HAPPENED”. Seeing his tattoos in person OHMYGOD. ok then, we were talking with the girls and like we know sort of the hotel (not creepy bc he stayed there for jingle ball and it was right near the resteraunt). so we go there with some of the girls and we are just sitting there. me and 3 other people go outside to the trail, while we were outside the other girls saw connor. while we are walking back, the security guard tells my mom and the girls “shawns coming he will do pictures”, and they set up a red rope for him to do them. We SPRINT back to the entrance of the hotel to meet back up with the other girls, we wait there drink water and stuff. we wait there. One of the girls goes inside the hotel and sees Connor and Connor and asks for a picture connor says “no sorry I can’t take pictures in the hotel” so then she says ok and comes back outside. w are just waiting and READ REST IN COMMENT

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It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.  Let’s leave them alone and wait for them to have the most beautiful kids ever known to put a foot on this planet.