Top Movies To See in Theaters This June

Now that school is over its time to activate that theater membership for the summer. There’s some great movies to look forward to this summer but here are five movies you should be excited to see this month.


  1. Dark Phoenix– 7th

I think I can speak for a lot of X-Men fans when I say that the franchise has been a bit confusing. With the different time periods throughout the last few films, it seems as if 20th Century Fox doesn’t know the direction it wants to take. But it still doesn’t stop us Marvel fans from enjoying the movies! With Dark Phoenix we get a look at a very powerful superhero that becomes very unstable. Trying to get an understanding of her capabilities, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is fighting her inner demons and soon stands against her fellow X-Men.


2.   The Secret Life of Pets 2– 7th

Max and his neighborhood pet friends are back! When Max’s owner gets married and starts a family, he must adjust to his newfound life.


3. Men in Black: International– 14th

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are teaming up to fight the bad aliens on Earth! I think Hollywood is on to something here with the duo Hemsworth and Thompson. This is the third movie we’ve seen them in together (Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame) and hoping more will come. This movie seems more like a continuance than a reboot from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones 90s film. Expect the same action-packed, kick-ass funny film!


4. Toy Story 4– 21st

I am not ready to say goodbye to Woody and the gang, but as you know all good things must come to an end! Get ready for another adventure with your favorite talking toys as little Bonnie take the gang on a trip. We can expect a few new characters along the way including Forky, Gabby Gabby, Bunny & Ducky, and Duke Caboom who is voiced by Keanu Reeves.


5. Child’s Play– 21st

Chucky is probably one of the most terrifying characters of the 90s. He has appeared in many of my nightmares but that won’t stop me from running to the theaters on June 21st. Chucky is back with a new look and is now voiced by Mark Hamill (Star Wars franchise). I think this Child’s Play will be loved by the die hard followers and embraced by this generation.


Honorable Mention: Annabelle Comes Home– 26th

You know I had to throw Annabelle on the list. Find out if Ed and Lorraine Warren can contain the demonic doll June 26th!


Other movies to look out for: Late Night (7th), The Dead Don’t Die (14th), Shaft (14th), Yesterday (28th)