Give Me 30

Give Me 30

1. Texas Bar serving beer to dogs!: HERE

2. Men and women feel frisky at different times of the day!HERE

3. Tickets to the final Mavs game are getting REALLY expensive.HERE

4. Nasa kinda reveals who will be the first person on Mars: HERE

5. How much do Uber Drivers and Lyft drivers make in Dallas?HERE

6. A goat has become mayorHERE

7. Hospitals are using robots to let you and your family know you are dying.: HERE

8. Official breakfast cereal rankings are out! Straight from the LA times.: HERE

9. 8 year old BLASTS Cole Beasley.HERE

10. Bugatti sold the most expensive car ever! Curious what it cost?HERE

11. The new “Avengers: Endgame” Trailer Is Here: HERE