The Rustic Launch party for Austin Eastciders Rose

This past Saturday March 9th at The Rustic, they threw a launch party for Austin Eastciders new Rose, which is  sooo delicious and perfect for summer by the way! Can we say pool party!  But the best part of the party was that local artists, Seysei, Remy Reilly and other local artists performed and tore the house down on a gorgeous Saturday!  I was blown away at that fact that it was a full blown performance that their whole heart and soul was put into, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from these artists!  I got to chat it up with these Remi amd Seysei after the show about their performance, their new music and when they are performing next so you can catch them here in Dallas, listen below and if you haven’t already followed these two on social media you need too!