New ‘kind cafe’ coffee shop in Dallas is hiring unemployed former foster kids

Francois Reihani is just a 23-year-old Dallas man with the heart to provide opportunities for others. La La Land Kind Cafe will be Reihani’s third restaurant venture and is expected to open later in March. The new coffee shop will be located near lower Greenville but there is a special feature to this shop.

La La Land Kind Cafe will hire and train foster kids that are ‘aging out of the system.’ They will train young employees, ages 17 to 23, the skills involved in being a barista, cashier, and chef. Reihani anticipates to pay his foster-care employees $12 an hour, which is well above the minimum wage. La La Land will team up with CitySquare, an organization that fights poverty in Dallas, to find foster youths to work with. Reihani plans to mentor his employees at the restaurant and and encourage them to attend therapy and volunteer in the community.

La La Land Kind Cafe will be located at 5626 Bell Ave., Dallas in late March.