Feel Good: Act of Kindness Comes Back to Man Helping Mesquite Students

84-year-old Mesquite man, Don Douglas, has been donating $100 to Florence Elementary school every week for the past year to make sure every student would be able to eat a meal at school. Last month, everyone at the school gathered, inviting Douglas to thank him for his act of kindness. After this story surfaced, people around the country felt compelled to help their local schools as well. One of those people is Steve Harris who worked with Seeboost, a company that helps some people that are legally blind be able to see more clearly. Douglas is legally blind, and Harris knew he needed to do something to help the man who was doing something so kind for his community. He said, “I knew we had something that could help this gentleman. He was helping others and I just maybe wanted to pay it forward.”

Douglas got to keep this gift and was asked what he wanted to see first. “I could see the kids, but I couldn’t see their faces. I wanna see their faces, and I can with these glasses,” he said.  So when he went to the school, Don read a book straight from the pages for the first time in years and got to see the kids smiling faces. Douglas told them, “you’re a beautiful bunch of kids. When I think about the future, I’m not worried because I know you kids are gonna have a great future for all of us. And I thank you for letting me read to you.”

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