Amy Winehouse Hologram to Go on Tour in 2019

If you miss seeing Amy Winehouse in concert, or you missed the chance to see her in the prime of her career you might still have a chance! Amy Winehouse is going on tour again, but this time as a hologram! Amy died in 2011 of alcohol poisoning but her legacy has lived on in the form of her music and now in the form of a hologram. The practice of bringing deceased or otherwise unavailable artists to the stage via hologram was popularized by Coachella 2012′s Tupac Shakur hologram. Created by visual effects studio Digital Domain, it reportedly took four months to create and cost up to $400,000. Amy’s father is excited for his daughter to go on tour again and for the fans to be able to experience the amazing music she made once again.vProfits from the tour — which is sponsored by Amy’s estate and the BASE Hologram company — will go towards the Amy Winehouse Foundation, set up by her family after her death. The organization works with underprivileged youth to prevent future drug and alcohol abuse.

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