Lindsayy On Air

Lindsayy On Air

I am one fo those people that tells it like it is but I have the kindest heart!  I’m originally from Virgina Beach but have lived in 8 states in the last 10 years working in radio and have finally made it to my DREAM destination of DALLAS, but I have always been a proud member of COWBOYS NATION! Win, Lose or Tie Cowboys fan till I DIE!!! I literally live that life because football has always been a part of my life, as my father was a football coach and that is why I love the game. I love all sports though, yes I’m that girl that yells at the TV and you need to leave me alone for at least an hour if we lose! I’m also single which always gives me something to talk about, so feel free to call in so we can be each other’s therapists, because we all need it in this dating game of 2019!  Follow me on social media, well because I’m a free spirit and I follow back! lol

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Chicken Fried Meatloaf is the Jam!

  So this is IT! The LAST weekend of the State Fair of Texas! I can’t believe that we are alreay here at almost the end of October but yet here we are! There are so many delcicious fried food at the fair I’m nt even sure where to begin on what you shoudl eat…MORE


Justin Timberlake Loves Lizzo!!

  Justin Timberlake has collaborated with Lizzo!! This is a real thing people it is NOT a joke!  There are no details of when the music will drop and Justin also said he dosent want to reveal too much but that the collaboration is fire!!!! Below is what he had to say about it! I…MORE


If you ever have a chance to go to ACL fest go!!!

  I went to ACL fest yesterday and it was my first time going and my first time in Austin!!!  I was NOT expecting it to be as awesome as it was and I highy recomend you going next year if you can.  I was most impressed with Lizzo, she had an hour show full…MORE


Single Ladies this is the spot in Dallas!

  For all of my girls that are on #TeamSingle I know how hard it is out here in these streets trying to find a decent guy that won’t ghost you, but the question is where do you meet people these days outside of dating apps?  I asked this question the other day on the…MORE