Chicken Fried Meatloaf is the Jam!


So this is IT! The LAST weekend of the State Fair of Texas! I can’t believe that we are alreay here at almost the end of October but yet here we are! There are so many delcicious fried food at the fair I’m nt even sure where to begin on what you shoudl eat but I will tell you my two favorite things Chicken Fried Meatloaf, yes that IS a thing! It’s literally meatloaf woth fried crispy chicken on the outside and it does sound a little wird but I am here to tell you that it is NOT it is soooooo good, and oh get it with the fried green beans because they are delicious, with a side a ranch too, Diet who? ¬†Also don’t try to start and count calries now because my next suggestion is a dessert! When you go this weekend make sure you get the Peanut Butter Snookie too it’s a peanut butter cookie stuffed with Reese’s two scoops of ice cream, carmel, fudge, whip cream, more Reese’s cups amd a cherry and its literally a slice of heaven in your mouth!! You need these in your life, trust me,you can go to the gym next week, it’s the last weekend of the Fair,live a little! lol