Halsey Smooshes Troll

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Let me start this post with a fact….I love me some Halsey.  (This is Sid BTW.)

Halsey, who has been a HUGE supporter of the LGBTQ community for…like…ever, just smashed a troll that stepped into her comments on Insta.  Check out the drama below:

For those that don’t want to look through the comments, it all started when Halsey posted the below pic.  If you look closely, there’s a rainbow flag crumbled up at her feet.  Someone in the comment section of the post said, “Rainbow is the new marketing strategy.”  To which Halsey quickly responded…”“There’s been a flag in my show for five years. You’re just not paying attention you whiny little baby.”


This stuff will never stop, especially when a celeb smacks back.  I know it’s not a deterrent because it keeps happening, but whatever, it’s still great to witness.

Dig through the post below to see it for yourself….and do you a favor.  Follow Halsey.   AND Hot 93-3 while you’re at it.  We got all types of drama.  (Not really) but we do offer free stuff for people that follow us!



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