Top Five Movies To Catch In Theaters This December

I know its the busiest time of the year with Christmas right around the corner but, if you get some free time head to the theaters to see one or all of these primetime movies that will be released this month.

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– Dec. 12th

Not to be dramatic or anything but this film is probably the best Spiderman and animated film to be released, at least thats what the critics are saying. This Spidey film is focused on a high school kid named Miles Morales and the struggles of him figuring out this whole super hero thing. Yes there is more than one Spider-man. In fact, its a whole universe of them and you just might meet them all.


2. Once Upon A Deadpool– Dec. 12th

Now here’s a Deadpool movie the kids will be able to see. The studios decided to release a PG-13 Deadpool 2 version for the holidays and they promise to add more footage that wasn’t seen in the earlier release. You will even recognize a 90s star in the trailer. Remember him?!

3. Aquaman– Dec. 13th

The DC Universe seems to be lacking in the cinemas with Wonder Woman being its only success, lets hope they can get it right with this one. We got a preview of what Aquaman is all about in the Justice League movie but now its time for him to take on his own film and origin story. Early reviews say the visuals are stunning with exciting action scenes. I believe its a win regardless for the ladies with the number of shirtless scenes Jason Mamoa aka Aquaman will have.


4. Mary Poppins Returns– Dec. 19th

Talk about the pressure of living up to the iconic Julie Andrews…but Emily Blunt was up for the challenge. This magical story continues nearly 60 years later when Mary Poppins returns to London to help the kids seek happiness and adventure as they once did years ago. With Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins the film also star Meryl Streep and Lin-Manuel Miranda.


5. Bumblebee– Dec. 20th

When you think a franchise is dying out they seem to find the light. Bumblebee seems to be that for the Transformers franchise. This origin story follows the beloved Bumblebee and his quest to…well save mankind again. I’ll admit I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to the special effects and explosions in these films which keep pulling me back in.


Other movies to look out for in December: The Mule (Dec. 14th), Second Act (Dec. 21st), Holmes & Watson (Dec. 21st)