#FEELGOOD Dallas ISD Police Chief: New Way To Communicate Can Make Schools Safer

When school starts next month, police officers in the largest school district in North Texas will have a new tool to keep each other, students, and teachers safe.

For the first time ever, Dallas ISD police officers can now communicate directly with Dallas police officers over their portable and car radios.

They may not be as familiar with our campuses our officers are and to be able to give them that intelligence information – that’s life changing,” said Chief Miller.

Deadly school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, are more proof that communication between schools and police is key.

Chief Miller said he visited with his counterparts at both schools after the shootings to learn more about what happened.

But Miller said he has worked on the radio interoperability project for years, and just last week, a test between the two agencies proved successful.

Until now, Dallas ISD police could only hear Dallas police officers communicate on their radios, and only those in dispatch in each agency could speak with one another.

Now, during incidents at school campuses, Dallas ISD can look at the cameras that are in all of its schools and tell responding city police officers on their radios where to go and where to avoid — saving time — and possibly the officers’ lives.

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