George Clooney involved in scooter crash in Italy

From the Western Journal:


Clooney was reportedly headed to the set of “Catch-22,” a six-part drama set to air in 2019.

It is thought that his wife and kids are living in Italy while Clooney completes the project.

Thanks to the actor’s helmet, it looks like Clooney will be back in action very soon.

“George was treated and released from an Olbia hospital,” Clooney’s representative told Good Morning America. “He is recovering at home and will be fine.”

From the Western Journal:

Actor George Clooney was involved in a motorcycle collision in Italy, confirmed July 10 by his representative.

Clooney, 57, was riding from his hotel to work on the Italian island of Sardinia when the collision occurred.

According to TMZ, Clooney was driving 60 MPH when a car pulled out in front of him. Clooney went flying off his bike and struck the vehicle’s front windshield.

The force of Clooney’s body hitting the car was powerful enough to shatter the car’s windshield. According to TMZ, “the force of the impact actually broke his helmet.”

A spokesman for the Italian Carabinieri confirmed the incident in a statement, saying the collision took place at 8:15 a.m. on July 10.

“A car (a Mercedes E SW) did not respect the right of way and hit him,” the spokesman said.

“George Clooney fell and slammed the windshield of the Mercedes.”

The driver of the car called emergency responders and reportedly waited at the scene until Clooney was in the hands of emergency personnel.

Clooney was whisked away to a local hospital, complaining of “a slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm,” according to local news outlet La Nuova Sardegna.

Clooney had an MRI brain scan, which came back negative.

He is reportedly recovering at his Italian home with his wife, Amal Clooney, and their twins.

“(The) MRI was negative, and he is not seriously injured,” the spokesman continued. “George Clooney has already been discharged and he stays well.”