Netflix & espn films making 10-part michael jordan docuseries


ESPN Films is teaming up with Netflix for The Last Dance, a docuseries telling the story of arguably the greatest NBA player ever, Michael Jordan, and the dynasty of the 1990s Chicago Bulls, who won six titles with Jordan, a five-time MVP, leading the way. The Last Dance, directed by Jason Hehir (Andre the Giant), will feature interviews with Jordan and “key figures” from the Bulls’ magical run — as well as “dozens of other luminaries from basketball” — and explore the rise of Jordan and how he helped to boost the popularity of the NBA. The docuseries will draw from 500-plus hours of previously unreleased footage from the 1997-98 season, which was the team’s sixth and final title before Jordan retired (for the second time, only to return with the Washington Wizards). The Last Dance premieres in 2019.

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